Divorcing the Robot

Campaign for Boring Development

It’s only tangentially related to the topic of this blog, but just so you know: my ranting, bitter denunciation of Facebook is live today here.

(For reasons I don’t understand, Google isn’t indexing the post on Medium.com, so I’m copying it after the break here. The original is much nicer to look at, of course.)

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The Hot Guy I Met at the Pool

You have an excellent sense of humour. I instantly connected with your writing. Loved it! More please!

Ginger's Grocery

I attract a lot of attention when I don a swimsuit. A lot of unwanted attention. From guys. My trip to the pool last Saturday was no exception.

I was down at Orange Beach last weekend. My family and I. Getting a little r & r. I had taken my son to the condo’s pool early that Saturday morning. My hair was a briny, drown-rat mess from a dip in the gulf, and my skin, thanks to a thick coat of SPF 50 (and unfortunate genes), was the pale iridescent lavender-white of a low-grade opal.

(50 shades of beige)

See? And you thought I was exaggerating. You’d think the invisibility cloak of middle-aged mediocrity would shield me from the attention of strange guys, but that is simply not the case.

The fella that started it up with me last week… he was hot. He told me so himself. He said…

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Hide It Under a Bushel, No!

The more I read you..the more I get hooked to your write ups! Enjoyed every bit..waiting for more…and I hate waiting!

Aunt Beulah

I listened to my father’s voice soar when he sang solos in church.

I saw the first, faltering, ice-skating attempts of my brother, and a year later watched him swoop around a frozen pond, skating backward with a smile on his face.

My mother, who could create anything, took up the art of tole painting in her sixties. I witnessed her absorption and contentment as she studied, practiced, and progressed.

So when I started blogging, “Utilizing Talents and Skills” became one of my categories for living and aging well. This post and the next will detail my first experience with talent development.

 As a young child, I believed I should share my special abilities whenever and wherever possible. I formed this philosophy from two unrelated experiences in church: hearing a parable about buried talents and singing a song about a little light: “Hide it under a bushel, no! I’m gonna…

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